You are Rebel Girls Club

A written statement to publicly declare your intentions, motives, or beliefs.
From the Latin manifestus — to manifest, to clearly reveal, to make real.

This Manifesto is about you.

The Incredible, strong, beautiful and wonderful person you are.

Complete with complexities, hidden internal worlds, fear and the full spectrum of being a human being, in a world designed to make us feel inadequate, self-doubt and insecurity. In a world dictated by patriarchy and misogyny.

We stand for change. We stand for solidarity in really saying ‘ You know what, fuck this, I DESERVE SOMETHING MORE” We stand in collective healing, we stand in unlearning the toxic narrative and we stand in supporting one another.

We stand for inclusion, empowerment, connection and sisterhood.

We stand in breath-taking, amazing, awe-inspiring moments, memories and breaking the shackles that have cut into the wrists of women for LONG ENOUGH.

We stand together. We are Rebel Girls Club.

What an incredible thing to be a part of, if I do say so myself.

We are a revolutionary and radical club for women of all ages, back rounds, faiths and ethnicities ( that really should go without saying )


  • Rebel Girls Club is an incredible collective for anyone who identifies as a woman. Our overarching aim is to uplift, inspire, encourage and support any woman that is involved. We provide courses, drop-ins and events. We will also be holding wellbeing retreats in the future and are in the process of trying to attain our own venue so we can continue the amazing work we do.
  • We believe in Women. We see that a lot of the insecurity, body and self image issues, confidence, self-worth and negative belief in oneself is due to any person who is socialised to be a woman in our society. We have been constantly told who to be, how to look, how to act and how to live for a very long time. We stand in unlearning internalised misogyny and empowering each other to feel incredible and unstoppable.
  • We are not anti-man! We are however against all forms of suppression and repression brought on from patriarchy. We are against toxic masculinity, we are pro joy and individualism. We are about fun , giving yourself permission to be silly but also be raw and real and radically honest in a safe space .
  • True self-love is a radical act for women because women who love themselves are women who change the world
  • TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING. And its just so fucking true. Together , whatever it is, we can move mountains, create lasting positive change and enrich the lives of so many people. Being a part of Rebel Girls Club can be the most safe, secure and sacred thing to be a part of. You will always have your sisters. We want everyone to feel safe.
  • Feminism. Feminism is not a dirty word. Feminism is about equal rights. Wash away years of stigma, abuse and internalised toxic views around feminism and what it really means and stands for; will always remain the same. We believe in equal rights, equal treatment and equal participation in the world, regardless of gender.
  • Being a member of the club gives you *super human powers* to realise that you are absolutely incredible and you deserve to feel so everyday.
  • We are incredible in our pain, suffering, bad days and insecurities. The whole shebang.


As a member of the Core group of Rebel Girls Club here are values we must all try to nurture, develop and embrace.

  • Radical honesty. Whoever said ‘true hurts’ was totally mistaken, actually real honesty shouldn’t hurt. When we communicate with each other in authentic and real ways, honesty doesn’t hurt in a suffering sense. It can be painful yet its clean and healthy , it doesn’t have to hurt. If you get what I mean. Let’s pledge to be kind, open , vunerable and truly honest with each other and ourselves whenever we can. This means communicating our needs, thoughts and feelings in a loving way. And listening to each other in the same manner. With kindness, compassion and authenticity. There is never room for rudeness, *pokes tounge out and pulls the finger.
  • Sisterhood. As part of being a member of the Core group we will encourage, support and help all of our peers. This makes us accountable and more likely to go for opportunities, experiences and personal goals. We step away from limiting beliefs and poor self-concepts. Within each GM we shall recap on this practice.
  • Kindness. We will always ask for help when needed. And give help if we have the capacity. We will respect ourselves and our needs. We will respect the needs of others. We will always try our best with our own difference in opinions, viewpoints and perspective of the world. We will always be curious and willing to learn. We will hold each other up and not judge others harshly. We will always try to remember that we are all doing our best with our own resources, understanding and awareness. We will always be kind. We will always try to tell the truth.
  • Self-development. We work upon ourselves and embrace our own personal growth, through whatever means is healthy and in line with our ethos. We will check in with our peers regularly and create a support network of healing and self-exploration. We will always respect others boundaries.
  • Participation. We believe that Rebel Girls Club has the potential to bring so much joy, growth and undeniable meaning to our lives and for many others. We are prepared to learn and grow through all of the highs and lows of the journey. We will participate and forfil our roles or tasks.

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