Bridie Divine

Bridie Divine

Hi! I’m Bridie 🙂 

I am currently studying creative arts therapy studies in Bristol which is allowing me to expand my knowledge in arts facilitation. Alongside this, I also work with adults with learning disabilities within a community where I can often see the benefit that creative expression has. 

I have always been drawn to the creative side of things… I use art as a cathartic release and this is something that has improved my own sense of self profoundly. I truly believe in the impact that creative expression has on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being which is what excites me about therapeutic arts, especially in relation to the health.

Myself and Alena joined together and formed Positivity Projects earlier this year. Since then we have run workshops for women who would like to reconnect with their bodies. Positivity Projects work within the local community of Bristol, however through RGC we were able to venture further afield and be part of a huge collaboration of skills at our first festival over the summer - which was fantastic! 

RCG gives permission, and the platform, for women to creatively express themselves and feel supported as part of a collective. Working alongside RGC has given us opportunities in facilitation, experiencing other’s workshops, making new meaningful connections and having a laugh!

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