Tis the season for sisterhood, connection, empowerment & wholesome joy! 

For all that identify as a Woman or non-binary.

This is a space to learn, share, empower, inspire, laugh, grow, connect & be supported without judgement.

Our Wednesday Club will be featuring bespoke workshops every week, wellbeing practices and creative projects.

Each session will have different content and activities, however each session will follow our 5 Pillars of Joy:

Creative, Mental,Spiritual, Emotional and Physical health.

So, whether you are looking to make new friends, try something new, explore a new hobby, focus on your wellbeing, be surrounded by amazing humans or simply come and sample our fabulous tea... then you are welcome!

This club is not just a place of sisterhood and connection, it is a place of raw excitement and honesty as we guide ourselves and learn tools to embody our own inner balance and... badass.

Rebel Girls Club consists of our Wednesday Club, community projects, seasonal gatherings, festival venues, wellness retreats and our rather amazing 6-week courses.

RCG Wednesday Club- £5-15

Sliding Scale- Based on what you can afford.

Don’t worry, we won’t ever ask you to ‘prove’ it.

• If you are able to afford £15 this will help RGC thrive and support the work we do as a non-for-profit.

We also have free spaces to those that may need it.

It’s advised to book a block up front so that we can always guarantee you a space each week.

We think it’s important to add that you will never be asked to do anything out of your comfort zone. This is a non-judgemental space. If you don’t fancy the activity or need to take a break, we have a lovely chill out room that you can go to at any time.

Itiniery for the next 8 weeks:

( including all of the other treats and activities done alongside each main workshop)

1st Nov- Music, expression, pan African dance & box
drumming workshop with the wonderful Libskraft.

8th Nov- Creative wellbeing fusion- textures and lace- with
our RGC babe Ciska art & therapy.

15th Nov- Expressive writing & tiny acts of rebellion with Vicki

22nd Nov- Lunar pathways- Vocal affirmation , aromatherapy,
drawing & guided creation.

29th Nov- Karate & Empowerment with Bristol Women's Karate

6th Dec- Nutrition, emotional regulation & menstrual cycle
health- with Dr Hannah Burton

13th Dec- Moon chair yoga & wellbeing pleasure with Seasonal


To book your space please fill in this form:

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We are anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-racist, anti-classist, anti-transphobic, anti-ageist & anti-ableist.


We can't wait to see you

Love RGC Team

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