About the Founder and Story of Rebel Girls Club

About the Founder and Story of Rebel Girls Club

1.What is Rebel Girls Club ?

We are an incredible and exciting collective for anyone who identifies as a women, we welcome all ages, back rounds, faiths and ethnicities ( that really should go without saying )

We run intensive courses on self-love and confidence and next year we will be launching our Beautiful Body image course.

We run weekly drop-ins, events. We hold monthly gatherings in the summer. We are launching our own Blog and newsletter and we have our own weekly radio show.. Everything has completely exploded since we launched last March. We had over 500 applicants in the first two weeks of launching, and that was with very little promotion.

Our sessions and the course are rich in education, learning , connection, empowerment , self-expression and most importantly; fun! We focus on harnessing skills through a blend of tools and resources focusing on self growth and confidence . We hold workshops on dance, theatre , voice-work, breath-work, yoga, meditation, journalling ,drawing, creativity, dressing up and acting improvisation to fully cultivate women's courage to be their best selves.

About the Founder

What do you do other than RGC?

I have many strings to my bow, I have qualifications in massage therapy to carpentry. I’m also studying to be a qualified Health coach. My background and qualifications are in Counselling, CBT and I’m a yoga and meditation teacher.

What is your background?

I came from a rather turbulent childhood where I often felt very alone. I always felt as though I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. There were many hardships and often pain, however I have never let that dull my love for people and wanting to create a positive and lasting change. Looking back I feel it gave me the determination in my soul to be more loving and be authentically me.

I left a ‘broken’ home at a very early age and rebelled by doing well at college and higher education. I funded my way around the world and have had the privelidge of living in the most incredible places and meeting the most incredible people.

How did RGC come to flourish?

I believe that people who are socialised to be women are conditioned to hold extremely toxic views upon themselves. Resulting in life long struggles with negative body image, poor self-esteem, mental health problems, isolation and stress. We are taught from a young age that we will never be good enough unless we ‘fit into (quite literally) societies man-made mould and this mould is always unattainable and impossible to fit into. And this is the basic and most fundamental need for a human being, to feel accepted, so we are often doing things that cause suffering to fit in.

This message saturates our culture, from misrepresentation of women across all platforms in society, over sexualisation, negative obsession with ageing, the pay gap, unrealistic and unreal social media crazes, scrutinising magazine tabloids and the Tv we consume, rape culture and misogyny, sexism and domestic abuse, cat calling and violent, non-consentual porn, the make-up and clothing industry … the messages are long and exhaustive yet they all bombard us everyday screaming ‘ you will NEVER’ be good enough. I saw this and have experienced this throughout my whole life. As all women have.

Rebel Girls Club was born from the notion that I couldn’t bare to see so many incredible women in my life and beyond ,struggle and suffer so much. I also realised that a support system that isn’t laced with box ticking, waiting lists and a clinical and often judgemental feel simply don’t exist.

I wanted to create a place where a fusion of healing, fun and wholesome modalities existed in one. My qualifications and fascination in CBT, the brain and counselling as well as my love for yoga, dance and creativity was the light bulb moment of ‘hey all of this together can really help people!’

2. How would you describe your culture and ethos?

Our culture is about inclusion, involvement and sisterhood. We want to wipe out tired and worn out ways women can get support and connect with each other. We are not anti-man! We are however against all forms of suppression and repression brought on from patriarchy. We are against toxic masculinity , we are pro joy and individualism. We are about fun , giving yourself permission to be silly but also be raw and real and radically honest in a safe space.

3. What impact do you hope to achieve through RGC?

We want to reach as many women as possible. We want to enrich the lives of women who feel disconnected and alone or who just want to change any unhealthy way they have been taught to think of themselves. We want to uplift, inspire , help, support and encourage as many women as possible . To break free from the shackles of patriarchy. * Patriarchy stunts the happiness of ALL genders including those who are socailised to be men. It hurts and has hurt so many marginalised communities for centuries.

4. What opportunities are available within the club?

Being a member of the club gives you super human powers to realise that you are actually incredible and you deserve to feel so every day.

We are in the process of organising our venues at different festivals for this year as well as holding a super incredible womens retreat at the end of the year. There are so many ways to come and get involved with your fellow sisters. 

5. What do your workshops and courses focus on and what typically happens within a session?

The drop ins are more fluid and less structured than the course. We focus on a sharing circle, where we are connect and share then we will do a mini creative workshop, such as dancing, arts and crafts, poetry, drama improv, singing or making nipple tassles!

Every drop in consists of a holistic practice, such as relaxation techniques, yoga , meditation or breathing practices .

We run our Self-Love and Confidence course , which is an intensive 6 week program on cultivating self love and confidence in women. The course is FULL of mental , spiritual, physical and emotional healing techniques and practices.

6. What message do you want to get across to women who may be struggling at the moment?

You are not alone . Rebel girls Club is a place you can come to and feel safe , loved and able to be yourself without judgement.

 There is support out there . 

Better days are coming , even if it's hard to see in that moment , they are coming. Hang in there .

7. What is your favourite memory over the last year in regards to RGC?

Every session is just filled with so much joy ! We launched in March and already sooo much has happened.


  • One of the women from a course had debilitating social anxiety and with this came a host of uncomfortable physical symptoms, after 6 weeks watching her grow, come out of her comfort zone and completely flourish was one of the best things to see. We are still in regular contact and she is doing well and still using the skills and tools taught to her during the course.
  • After every course we hold a fancy dancey fun graduation awards ceremony. The whole journey in itself is incredible , yet the graduation, when you see all of these women together celebrating what they have learnt and achieved .. it's truly incredible.
  •  Everyone joins for their own reasons and unite with one another. There have been countless amounts of moments where this has happened and continues to happen.
  • All of the amazing guest teachers who have come in to share their expertise. We have had hypnotherapy , bio-dynamic breath-work, singing coaches, dance teachers and all sorts!!
  • MEETING ALL OF THE INCREDIBLE WOMEN. Each with a story , a voice and the most amazing beings !!! Especially Camilla !! ;)

8. What personal growth have you experienced during this time?

A LOT. I have had to juggle so many responsibilities and things have definitely come up for me during this process of setting up and it taking off so quickly. There have been profound moments , exhaustion, overwhelm and pure joy …I have grown so much throughout all of these experiences .

9. What future projects are in the making?

  • Ujima radio show
  • Festivals
  • Wellness retreat
  •  Body positive course
  • More weekly drop ins

10. How can people find out more?

  • Our Face book page and Instagram 
  • Residents providing feedback
  • Volunteers taking action , being involved , shaping RGC
  • Trustees with lived experience
  • Reduce the impact of cost of living crisis through enabling community activities - improving welcoming spaces 

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